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About Stampola (circa 2000)

Stampola is family owned Online Only Rubber Stamp Store  located in Dallas, Texas. The owners are avid pet lovers and own two completely spoiled kitties – Maggie and Peabo. We pride ourselves on providing unique, quality products and nothing less than excellent customer service. Please don’t hesistate to email or call with any questions or suggestions, we’d love to hear from you!!

About Stampola (updated in 2010)

Stampola is an ONLINE ONLY Rubber Stamp Manufacturer owned by Chris and Mindy Curnutt. We we are a cottage industry, meaning that we manufacture our own stamps in our GARAGE by hand one at a time. We use other cottage industry vendors to complete our products.  Our maple wood mounts come from a small shop in Flagstaff, AZ or vulcanized rubber is made in Illinois.  Mindy’s MOM actually lays up the rubber onto foam cushion to cure, then hand scroll saws out each and every design, assembling each stamp individually and then attaching a clear, matte sticker as a the label. We are very proud of our rubber stamps and believe they are about the highest quality you will find out there.

In 2003 our daughter was born, changing the dynamic of our household from “2 people who have full time jobs and extra time at night”, to “2 people who have jobs, a child, and more work to do at night.” Shortly after that we decided to scale back Stampola — by reducing our product line and decreasing our advertising. It was an intentional move, done for survival reasons. The business had been doing well….too well in some ways.

Then, in 2005 we welcomed our son into the world. OK — so now Stampola had to really go on a strict diet. We just did NOT have time for it. Mindy’s Mother was able to take on much of the day to day stamp making and order shipping while the kids were taking naps, and it was making enough extra $$ to allow us to pay her for her time, but it still was so much work…and so many other things to do!!!

Then in 2009 the thought came to Mindy — it’s really the shipping that is the problem, not the business. It’s the package after package after package. What if we shipped much of our inventory to as an experiment? I wonder if it would sell? Then THEY would handle the packages!!! It was worth a try.

Well I tell you what, it has been working GREAT. We LOVE and what they have done for our business. Now we are in the process of slowly (as we get time) sending them more and more of our inventory and removing it from our site. We’ll still be here, and we’ll be coming up with new products every now and then, but eventually, the links here will be links to our items available through Amazon. It’s actually a success story, and I wish I had thought of it a LONG time ago.

So that’s what’s up. That’s who we are and how we got to where we are today.

Oh — and Maggie, poor Maggie, she lived a long, happy cat life. I miss her very much. Peabo…not so much. She took up a habit of peeing in the baby crib, so she had to go. We now have our very much loved and adored Kirby, whom our daughter thinks is the best cat in the whole wide world.

About Stampola (updated in 2016)

Well, here we go again! We’ve been around awhile, and things change and evolve. We no longer sell any items directly through, all of our inventory is up and available at The nice thing about that is that if you are an Amazon Prime member or if you are placing an order of combined Amazon items that exceeds $25, the shipping is free.  We’re still producing our Stampola Guitar Chord Stamps made in Dallas, Texas, USA with our own hands and using American products.

Mila our street dog from Mexico

We have also started producing food safe, silicone molds in the shape of Texas.  We call them Texas Baking Molds, or Texas Silicone molds, heck there are so many things you can do with them.   Baking muffins, crafts, soap making, ice cubes, and did someone say Jello shots?  All in the shape of Texas.

We still do make custom rubber stamps in wholesale quantities for folks who would like to try their hand at a rubber stamping business. Our quality is top notch, and we can make as little as 100 of any one design. Have something in mind, give me a jingle.

ps: We got a cool dog from our friends in Mexico. Her name is Mila.

Contact me at mindycurnutt  at

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7609 Indian Springs Road, Dallas, Texas 75248




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A brief history of the evolution of Stampola, originally an online art rubber stamp store than now specializes in Guitar Chord Stamps (guitar, bass, mandolin, banjo, ukulele) and Texas Silicone Molds. Our rubber stamps are still assembled by hand in Dallas, Texas, using American products and by musicians who also stamp (Mindy, Chris and Barbara).
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