Best Ink Pad To Use With a Chord Stamp

Nothing can be a bigger downer than using the wrong ink pad with a guitar or ukulele chord stamp.

I am often asked what is the best ink pad for a guitar chord stamp, or a ukulele chord stamp or any kind of rubber chord stamp, for that matter.  You have two broad choices: pigment or dye.

Pigment Ink Pads  and Chord Stamps

Pigment ink pads don’t play well with chord stamps.   The ink stays wet for a long time, it smears easily.  It’s beautiful when dry and pigment ink embosses well, which makes it ideal for art projects and general craft use. But when it comes to chord stamps not so much.

Dye Ink Pads and Chord Stamps

Dye, archival dye is ideal for making chord diagrams.  The ink dries quickly, it doesn’t smear and its “thinner” than pigment ink which makes it less prone to gum up the actual rubber image on the stamp.

Summing up Ink Pads and Chord Stamps

So if you’re investing in a guitar chord stamp you might as well invest in the best quality ink pad to get the most from your stamp.  You can buy archival dye ink pads at any office supply store, or art supply store and even some of the big box stores.  And as a side note, a popular practice is to use black or dark blue ink for your chord boxes and then write in the dots and title for the chords with a red pen.  It makes your chord diagrams super easy to see.

And as an update we are now offering some of our chord stamps with an ink pad.  In time we’ll offer them all with an ink pad.  You’ll find links to our ink pads with guitar chord stamps here, and our ukulele chord stamps here.

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