Chord Stamp Comparison Table and Chart

Stampola Guitar Chord StampStampola chord stamps come in several sizes and shapes and some are designed for making guitar chord diagrams and chord boxes and others are designed with ukuleles or any four sting instruments in mind.  We thought creating a comparison table/chart that shows the sizes and details of each stamp would be helpful for those who are considering a chord stamp to use with their sheet music and tablature.

A couple of things to note in this table: height and width are in inches, the ukulele chord stamps can be used with any four string instrument.  A few examples would include banjo, mandolin (the 8 are doubled so its really just 4 notes), dulcimer, bass, and tenor guitar.  The ultimate Guitar Chord Stamp is designed to diagram an entire music scale, thus it’s much larger and has 12 frets instead of 5.  The mini sized stamps are ideal for using with standard sized sheet music and tab.  Assuming you have good eyesight that is, otherwise the medium and large are much easier to see.   I linked each stamp to the Amazon page where they are sold, so click on the name if you want more details or to buy.

The large stamps are ideal if you’re in a club and using sheet music and need a prominent visual chord diagram that’s easy to see.  Or of you’re like me and just prefer a larger visual.  The mini chord stamps will make you squint in a club or related setting, that one is best when stamped on sheet music on a sheet music stand or other surface very close to your eyesight.

And something to consider, use black ink for your chord diagrams but use a red ink pen (or other color) to draw in the dots and the actual chord name.  The visual is easier to interpret and memorize.

Stampola chord stamp comparison chart and table.

Rubber StampImage HeightImage WidthFretsPrice
Ultimate Guitar Chord Stamp3112$10.49
Large Guitar Chord Stamp1.2515$8.49
Medium Guitar Chord Stamp7/85/85$7.99
Mini Guitar Chord Stamp5/83/85$7.49
Ukulele Chord Stamp1.251/25$7.95
Medium Ukulele Chord Stamp13/45$7.65
Mini Ukulele Chord Stamp5/83/85$7.49
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