Fun, Creative Chord Stamp Customer Testimonial -Review

Proof That Chord Stamps are Superior to Hand Drawn Chord Boxes and Diagrams

hand drawn chord box without a chord stamp

Life before a chord stamp (customer image)

Large Stampola Chord Stamp Review

Every now and then I am blown away by one of our guitar chord stamp customer reviews, or one of the many notes I get from satisfied and enthusiastic customers.  I was recently reviewing our feedback on Amazon and saw this one from Michael H.  What he wrote is awesome and his images are fantastic and summarize the whole reason for owning and using a guitar chord stamp.  From his review of our Stampola Guitar Chord Stamp (Large) – 5 Fret:

“The day before I ordered this stamp I was playing, encountered a new chord, and jotted it down like I have for years:

Six scraggly vertical lines, five poorly-spaced fret lines, and my terrible handwriting.

This stamp was my simple but impactful solution. Writing chords used to drive me crazy and take forever because I tried to make them perfect. The 5 Fret Large Guitar Chord Stamp makes writing chords seamless and fun. Everyone I show it to thinks it’s so cool, even non-guitarists.

If you play guitar and have ever written down a chord in your life, you should buy this stamp. If you know anyone who plays guitar, I’m sure they would love this gift idea.

For ink, I use Office Depot’s Gel Stamp Pad for about $5. It never needs ink replenishment and works great with this stamp”

Review Summary

It’s always fun to read a customer’s feedback and this is one example that made me smile.  Before I owned a chord stamp I can’t count the number of chord boxes I drew by hand, and they all were goofy to look at!  But a chord stamp not only makes chord boxes quicker, they look nice and are uniform.

Chord boxes with a Stampola guitar chord stamp

Chord boxes with a Stampola guitar chord stamp (customer image)

Happy playing!



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