Stampola Guitar and Ukulele Chord Stamps Are Made In The USA

Stampola is known for manufacturing guitar chord stamps and ukulele chord stamps (any 4 string instrument, really)  here in Dallas, Texas.

What does it mean these days when you say “Made in the USA“.   Are Fords manufactured in Canada with American made parts made in USA or made in Canada?  With so much international trade and such these days you sometimes wonder what the heck made in USA means anymore.  Well I can tell you what that means for Stampola.

Medium Guitar Chord Stamp with Ink Pad

Medium Guitar Chord Stamp with Ink Pad

The actual rubber images on our chord stamps are made of high quality, vulcanized rubber made right here in the USA.  The rubber is thicker than most (twice as thick, actually), and soft and pliable which makes it ideal for stamping chord boxes and diagrams.  The wood blocks we use are from American Maple trees, grown right here in the USA.  Then our staff of musicians, rubber stampers and highly trained stamp assembly engineers (myself and my family) assemble our rubber stamps in our workshop located in Dallas, Texas.   Our website is even hosted in Texas!   After our stamps are assembled we ship them off to Amazon, yet another USA destination, to fulfill orders for us.  That allows our family home to remain and family home and not become a distribution center!

Stampola does not produce plastic rubber stamps

We do not make or offer plastic, or self-inking or other made in China stamps.   Nothing wrong with chord stamps made overseas (or plastic) but it sure is nice to be able to produce something here in the USA, with USA materials and offer it for sale at a competitive price.

Chord stamps made in USA

US flag

Old Glory

So in closing,   chord stamps help bring sheet music and guitar tab to life.  Good value is always a good thing and we believe our rubber stamps are a good value.  And being a small, family owned American company is kind of cool too.  We enjoy making something that helps a musicians journey in their quest to better master their instrument and music knowledge.  To the many musicians who rock with our chord stamps, WE SALUTE YOU!



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