Large Texas Silicone Mold, great for Baking and Soap Making and Crafts

One of my hobbies is soap making and I was always looking for a soap making mold in the State of Texas and I got so tired of looking for them we decided to make our own.  The coolest part is they’re made of silicone which makes them cooking friendly!

We currently have two different sizes, one has 4 large Texas shapes and the other has 12 smaller images of Texas, which is perfect for Texas shaped ice cubes (or even Jello shots!).  We no longer process orders from our home and now all orders are fulfilled by Amazon through our parent  company Kirbson  Direct.  You can order the large Texas mold here or the smaller Texas images mold here.  You can also find our Texas Molds in select independent stores in Texas.

Both trays are made from food grade silicone, they are heat resistant -40 to +440 F. Use in the Microwave, Oven, Freezer, or top shelf of the dishwasher.  These are great for making soap and baking cupcakes, brownies, corn bread, etc.

When using for baking be sure to use a cookie sheet underneath for stability and spray with oil if baking to help with release of the product, the mold is relatively detailed and you will get crisper edges this way.

Small Texas Silicone Mold is Great for Ice Cubes, Soap Making or Baking

Small Texas Silicone Mold is Great for Ice Cubes, Soap Making or Baking

Wash pan thoroughly before first use, do not use knives or sharp objects. Never use on an open flame or stove top burner. 

Let me know what kind of cool things you make with these Texas molds!

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