The Four String Chord Stamp

four string guitar

A Tenor guitar player would use our four string chord stamp

A four string chord stamp can be used to create chord diagrams and chord boxes for tab and sheet music for any plucked instrument with four strings.  The obvious instrument would be the ukulele.  We mostly advertise our four string chord stamps as ukulele chord stamps, but since the 5th string on a banjo is usually a drone a banjo player can use the four string chord stamp just the same.  And a mandolin has eight strings but each double string is the same note, therefore a mandolin player will find using a four string chord stamp to be a real time saver when creating chord diagrams, or boxes as they’re sometimes called, when working with sheet music or tablature.

Even bass guitar players have used our four string chord stamps to diagram actual chords as well as scales.


A mandolin has 8 strings but it’s really 4 doubled notes, so a four string chord stamp is perfect for diagramming chord charts and tab

Additional four string instruments that utilize chords, tabs, and sheet music would be a dulcimer and one of my favorite instruments, a tenor guitar.  And I’ve never heard of anyone using a chord stamp with a violin or cello but I can’t imagine why one wouldn’t be helpful.

Anyhow, we tend to call them ukulele chord stamps but if it has 4 strings and utilizes frets in any way we’ve got you covered in the four string rubber stamps category.

Stampola chord stamp for bass, banjo, mandolin, ukulele

Our ukulele chord stamp works just as well with mandolin, tenor guitar, banjo and other four string chords

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