A Stampola ukulele chord stamp can complete the tool box of a ukulele player

We manufacture three different sized ukulele rubber chord stamps. Players love em!

Whether you play a baritone, soprano, concert or tenor ukulele at some point in your playing evolution you’ll be looking at ukulele tab (tablature) to make chord boxes and diagrams fast and easy to.  A chord stamp really improves sheet music and tab.  Many ukulele players will draw chord diagrams but savvy players will use a ukulele chord stamp for consistency and to save time.  All you do is press the rubber stamp to an ink pad and then press the stamp to your sheet music or tab.  It’s a breeze.


Stampola Ukulele Chord Stamps Come in Three Sizes

Stampola ukulele chord stamps are made in three different sizes: large, medium and mini.  The mini is ideal when using standard sheet music or tab (tablature) pages.  The medium and large are more suited for a larger visual presentation.  These rubber stamps will work with any four string instrument.

All of our Chord Stamps are Made in USA

Our ukulele chord stamps are made in our workshop in Dallas, Texas.  And the person assembling them is also a musician and a stamper.  The vulcanized rubber image is sourced from a company the Midwest, and the maple wood mounts are sourced in the West.  Then our family puts it all together to create the finished rubber stamps here in Dallas.  So when you buy a Stampola chord stamp you are supporting three different USA companies.  How cool is that?

We now use Amazon to fulfill orders.

We currently carry the following ukulele chord stamps and ink pad bundle (all linked to on Amazon):

Stampola Mini Ukulele, Mandolin, Banjo Chord Stamp

Stampola Ukulele Chord Stamp (Medium)

Stampola Ukulele Chord Stamp (5 Frets) Rubber Stamp (Large)

Stampola Mini Ukulele Chord Stamp With Ink Pad


Our stamps are made in the USA (Dallas, Texas to be precise).  We’re proud of what we do and if you play ukulele or any four string, fretted instrument we hope you’ll consider using a Stampola chord stamp to meet your chord box and diagram needs.  Cheers!


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