The Stampola Ukulele Chord Stamp makes working with ukulele tab and sheet music a breeze. Chord stamps allow you to easily recreate a chord box without having to write it out over and over

We used to call this chord stamp our “Mini Bass Mandolin Banjo Ukulele Chord Stamp” but I think that pretty much all the people who buy these are ukulele players, so we changed the name to Mini Ukulele Chord Stamp.  Ukulele players deserve their very own chord stamp 🙂  Our daughter, Rilely, plays the baritone and soprano ukuleles so we’re partial to ukulele players.

This 4 string 5 fret chord stamp smaller than our normal 4 string, 5 fret stamps. This one is designed for using with sheet music and standard music tab (tablature).

Stamped image is approximately 5/8″ tall X 1/2″ wide

Product Features

  • Portable
  • Great Learning Tool for ukulele players
  • Very High Quality – Clear and Durable
  • Perfect for Students or teachers
  • Made in the USA (by us!)

You can buy the Mini Ukulele Chord Stamp on Amazon and see all of our chord stamps on our site if this one doesn’t meet your needs.  See just the ukulele chord stamps on this page.

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Mini Ukulele Chord Stamp (5 Frets) Rubber Stamp
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