We’re Stampola!

A Stampola large guitar chord stamp

A Stampola guitar chord stamp

Who We Are

We are Mindy and Chris Curnutt, we’re both musicians, work in the technology field, and both rubber stampers.  Also included is my Mom, Barbara Corey.  She’s a big part of Stampola.

How We Started

We founded Stampola in December of 2000 by Mindy and Chris Curnutt, Stampola has always been a cottage industry, meaning that we manufacture our own rubber stamps in our GARAGE by hand one at a time. We use other cottage industry vendors to complete our products. Our maple wood mounts come from a small company in Flagstaff, Arizona and our vulcanized rubber is made in Illinois. My MOM actually lays up the rubber onto foam cushion to cure, then hand scroll saws out each and every design, assembling each stamp individually and then attaching a clear, matte sticker as a the label. We are very proud of our rubber stamps and believe they are about the highest quality you will find out there.

Originally we were an Art Rubber Stamp Maker.  Because we are both musicians and play guitar so it didn’t take long for us to start manufacturing Stampola™ chord stamps for guitar, mandolin, ukulele and bass players.   We no longer make art stamps or offer ink pads but here are some tips on which ink pad to use with you guitar chord stamps.  Later, because I am also so into soap making and baking we designed and started producing our Texas shaped baking and soap making silicone molds.   The small Texas tray is perfect for Texas shaped ice cubes (and Jello shots!).

We used to fulfill orders from home but at some point we realized packing products and such at

Texas silicone mold for baking, soap making

Texas Molds for baking, soap making, and use the small ones to make Texas ice cubes!

3 am was not the life we had planned, nor was using every room in the house for product storage conducive to family harmony.  So we now use Amazon to fulfill all of our orders (Kirbson Direct is our distribution company that, well, does our distribution).  Other than having a work space to make stamps, our house is now a house again and not a shipping and fulfillment center.

Where We’re Headed

We will continue to offer hand made in USA chord stamps for guitar, ukulele, mandolin, well any four string instrument and also our silicone Texas molds for baking, soap making, ice cubes, candy and all sort of craft ideas.

We hope you like our products as much as we do.  After all, we created the original ones for ourselves and we liked them so much we started producing them for others.  Take care.

You can contact us at

mindycurnutt   at  stampola .com

chriscurnutt at stampola .com

Mindy and Chris!

Stampola founders, Chris and Mindy

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