I am often asked what is the best ink pad for a guitar chord stamp, or any kind of rubber stamp, for that matter.  You have two broad choices: pigment or dye.  Pigment ink stays wet for a long time, it smears easily and this type of ink is geared towards art rubber stamps.  It’s often used for embossing and not ideal for guitar chord stamp images.  Dye is better but even then you want to get an archival quality dye/ink.  Archival dye dries quickly and is not prone to smearing or bleeding on the paper.

Your dye based ink pad made with archival dye will cost more than the others, perhaps as much as $8, but it’s well worth it when it comes to being useful, drying quickly and not making a huge mess.

So if you’re investing in a guitar chord stamp you might as well invest in the best quality ink pad to get the most from your stamp.

ps:  We no longer carry ink pads but you can get them at most any hobby or even office product store, or online.  Just be sure to look for archival dye.


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